How to filter the data in quicksight Q

I have data like payment count with status in a table
|payment count|Status|
|2 |Sucess|
|6 |Failed|
|7 |Sheduled |

When I ask a question like how many transactions are processed, I expected a result as 2
But I am getting 15 (2+6+7)

Please help me how to get filter the data based on status quick sight Q

Hello Jaya,

First of all Welcome to the QuickSight community !
May be you could use to define Field value Synonyms for the fields that may be used while asking the questions.

Please see the best practices for Q here - Best practices for enabling business users to answer questions about data using natural language in Amazon QuickSight | AWS Business Intelligence Blog

Hope this helps.


Hi Deep, I defined the field synonyms, still it is not consider while asking the question
Please refer below screenshot

Hi @jayakumarim, can you try this question, “How many transactions are processed by status?” or “How many payments are processed by status?”

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