How to find all the dashboard/Analyst you create?

Hey team,

Do we get to filter out all the dashboard/analyst/dataset that were created by ourselves? not grant access as co-owner but being the initial creator

Thank you

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Hello @Hsu_Chun-Wei , welcome to the QuickSight Community! This is a great question and I do not believe we currently have a way to filter your analysis or dashboard view specifically to only show the ones you created. It will show all that you have access to view.

Something you could do though is create a folder for yourself that would include all of the Analyses and Dashboards you created so you could view them in one place.

You could also try to click this center button for the list view:

It will display a column for owner. I don’t believe this will specify for co-owner though but it could be helpful!

Also please see this post that provides more information.
It includes information on building an administrative dashboard that can help answer your questions. Here’s a demo of that dashboard.