Master List of Dashboard Owners

I was directed to contact the Owner of the Dashboard in order to get DB access. In order to do this I need to know the DB Owner. Is there a site where we can find the Owner(s) of Dashboards? Then I can reach out directly to them as recommended. Thank you!

You can run the describe_dashboard_permissions to get the owners: describe-dashboard-permissions — AWS CLI 1.22.101 Command Reference
Sample syntax: aws quicksight describe-dashboard-permissions --dashboard-id <<dashboard-id>> --aws-account-id <<account-id>> --region us-east-1
Sample response:
“Principal”: “arn:aws:quicksight:us-east-1::user/default/Administrator/wangzyn-Isengard”,
“Actions”: [
The principal is a user or a group. If you see “quicksight:DeleteDashboard” action in the actions list, then this principal should be the owner.
Furthermore, you can create an admin console by following this post:
CloudFormation Templates of the administrative console in Amazon QuickSight

Really appreciate the assist…but I don’t think I can run the program because i do not know the Input Parameters below:
The only two pieces of Information I have:

  1. The Quicksight Account Name: Austin-ehs-prod

  2. The Dashboard Names:
    “Austin EHS Incidents Dashboard”
    “Austin EHS Incidents Deep Dive”
    “Austin EHS Incidents KPIs”
    “Austin EHS Incidents and Actions”