How to get max value in String


I want to get latest name(String) based on/order by on latest date.
A String value in row based on latest date.

10. XYZ 15-JAN-2022
200. ABC. 16-JAN-2022
32. AHMAD. 18-FEB-2022
404. LAHORE. 30-MAR-2022

In my case it should return LAHORE.


Naveed Ali

Hi @Naveed ,
if you are looking to pick name associated to latest date . That case you can achieve it in two ways
1- Use lastValue function - lastValue - Amazon QuickSight
Here you can try as lastValue(Name,[ Date ASC ],[] )
2- You can also use rank function Rank - Amazon QuickSight
if you keep Date in Desc order and pick records with Rank=1 you will get name associated to your latest recorded date.
Hope this information helps.

Thanks I get resolved it with ranks :slight_smile: