How to hide undo,redo buttons for GenerateEmbedUrlForAnonymousUserRequest


We are using GenerateEmbedUrlForAnonymousUserRequest to generate embed url. But we do not find any API where we can hide undo,redo buttons.
The API is there to hide undo,redo buttons for GetDashboardEmbedUrlRequest but we did not find it for GenerateEmbedUrlForAnonymousUserRequest .


Hi @user_009
These options are available in the javascript embedding sdk for QuickSight

The page has few examples as well on how to implement. The options that you are looking for is present in ContentOptions in the example.


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Yes Thanks! . We will explore these options which you mentioned . In our flow the angular application calls the Spring microservice and which returns the embed url to the angular application using the Java API GenerateEmbedUrlForAnonymousUserRequest . The angular application then makes the final call using the received url . So this is where we saw we could not proceed ahead with GenerateEmbedUrlForAnonymousUserRequest , as we did not find any API related to undoredo . But the other API GetDashboardEmbedUrlRequest had it .

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