Refresh, undo and redo do not work with embedding


We are embedding Quicksight into a portal to display a report. This works reasonably well, but the buttons showing on top of the report do not work at all. This is confusing to users.


Next to this probably being a bug, is there something we can do to hide the buttons?


Hi @LinkeLoutje, are you embedding this through the API or 1-click?

Hi LinkeLoutje,

The undo/redo buttons that show up in dashboard view are working as expected. They kick in when user interacts with the dashboard - say makes some filter selections - and can be used to undo the selections made by the user in prior steps and then to reapply those filter changes.

If you are using our front end library for embedding, you can set the undoRedoDisabled flag to true to hide the button.

I’m marking this as solution for your issue. If you feel this doesn’t fully address your issue, feel free to provide more context and remove the solution flag.

Arun Santhosh