How to increase the number of data points to show in this situation?

I wanted to increase the number of data ponints to show in this picture, however it gives me this error feedback, letting me to decrease the limit of group/color, but don’t know how now, can anyone help?

Hello @Vincent,
There is a current limit (which we are working to increase) of 5000 datapoints(combine of X-axis and group), so the only way to increase the X is reducing the group.
Line charts limit has been increased to 10000, so maybe switching to line chart coudl help:


Hi there, appreciate your reply, but can’t understand reducing the group, what does it mean, any example? How it affects the limit of X, or any document?

Hello Vincent,
The total datapoints is calculated as a product of the number of values in X-Axis times the number of values in Group/Color. Therefore, we have 2 options to reduce the number of datapoints, either reducing the X-Axis values or Groups.

Jose B.