How to list out users from users table in others tables selected in Quick Sight

I have added multiple tables on Quick Sight.
I want to create a dashboard which will be used in website.
if Department Admin logged in, then the dashboard will be show graph and tables data based on logged-in user.

Suppose I have these two tables
users and shops
Now I have dataset by shops table
Creating a graph with multiple fields of shops tables and filtering with them
Now these data I want to filter with Users list from users table.
How can I do that process.?

Hi @Warrenlautz, I believe your use case has been asked and answered here:

@Warrenlautz You can possibly also use a Dynamic default parameter. DDP will let you select parameter value (for example userId/shopId) based on the logged in user and then you can filter the shop data based on that. However, i am not totally clear on your use case, so there might be some tweaks you have to do there to make it work correctly.