How to make daily summary and term summary in one pivot

Hello all need your help. In the attached image I want use date filter to show in that filter term [summary]、[rank] and [bookmarked_date] count in one pivot table and when term change then the [amount] summary and[rank] also change.(Now the bookmarked_date] set in value item so can change by filter)

But now when change the date filter term the [amount] and [rank] cannot change because these set in row item. If set in value place cannot show the table like image shows one.

How can I create this pivot table or pivot table cannot do like that? Thanks!

[summary] shows in the filter term sum of each day’s count
[rank] shows the ranking about [amount]
[bookmarked_date] shows each day’s summary.

This appears to be a duplicate question. Linking the original here and closing this thread: How to create pivot with 2 summary items and can use filter to calculate