How to create pivot with 2 summary items and can use filter to calculate

Hello all need your help. In the attached image I want use date filter to show in that filter term [amount]、[rank] and [bookmarked_date] count in one pivot table and when term change then the [amount]and[rank] summary also change.(Now the bookmarked_date] set in value item so can change by filter)

But now when change the date filter term the [amount] and [rank] cannot change because these set in row item. If set in value place cannot show the table like image shows one.
And not want fixed the date.

How can I create this pivot table or pivot table cannot do like that? Thanks!

[amount] shows in the filter term sum of each day’s count
[rank] shows the ranking about [amount]
[bookmarked_date] shows each day’s summary.


From what I understand, you want to add a summarized measure as row value and have this summarized measure update with data filter changes. This can be done by using Level Aware Aggregate calculation.
Let’s say we have sales for various segments across years. We can create a segment level sales summary as

Segment sales : sumOver(Sales,[Segment],PRE_AGG)

Let’s also rank this calculation.

Segment sales rank : denseRank([{Segment sales} DESC],[],PRE_AGG)

We can now use these calculation in rows of pivot table and they will respond to filters as well. See gif below.