How to make Dynamic parameter

If I open dashboard it should reflect current date in parameter,is it posible in qs.

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check out this it may help you :slight_smile:

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only fixed start date and end date is used here but what i want is end date should be change to tomorrow date automatically if i open dashboard tomorrow.

Currently the solution is to create a dataset that is refreshed daily and which keeps the value of today’s date. Then you can use this dataset to set up a dynamic default for the parameter. You can see the last section here on how to set up Dynamic Default Parameters:

You need to keep in mind that for dynamic defaults you need to provide a username or a groupname. So you, in your dynamic defaults dataset, you would need to create a group for all users or else keep adding all your users into this dataset.

One simple way to create the Dynamic Defaults dataset with your default dates (without requiring any storage) is to create an Athena dataset based on the SQL query below. Then set up a daily SPICE refresh to start after midnight. Upon refresh, the field values will be updated and your dashboards will start showing the updated default dates.

WITH quicksight_users as (
  SELECT username, groupname
      (NULL, 'group1'), // Use this if all your users are within a group

      ('user1', NULL) // Use this if you don't have a group for all users (but need to add an entry for every QuickSight user

 ) AS users(username, groupname)

  username, groupname,
  CURRENT_DATE as today,


For anyone returning to this topic… looks like a feature update now lets you set the relative date as a default on the parameter, including to Today.

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But this default date option and the relative dates that I have chosen are not showing in the Quicksight dashboard date controls. My dataset is refreshing on an hourly basis