How to preserve SheetId & VisualId from Template when creating Analysis/Dashboard - API


I have created a Template having different Sheets and Visuals. Based on that template I have created an Analysis and a Dashboard. I have noticed that all SheetIDs and VisualIDS are regenerated (random uuids) when I called describe-analysis-definition/describe-dashboard-definition. I was expecting they have the same values as in the Template definition. Does anyone know if it is possible to preserve the SheetIDs/VisualIDs I define in template, in analysis and dashboards as well ?

Did the tests using quicksight API & cloudformation. Tests were:
create-analysis (reference the template)
create-dashboard (reference the template)
describe-analysis-definition (here sheetIds & visualIds are different than the template ones)
describe-dashboard-definition (here sheetIds & visualIds are different than the template ones)

Thank you

Hi @andreimaxim,

When you use template apis all the visuals and the corresponding sheets are created with a new uuid. If you want to keep them consistent across different accounts, I recommend using create-analysis and create-dashboard using json definition.

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Cool, thank you for the fast response!

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