How to publish my dashboard on my website.?

I have created a dashboard but I want to publish this to my website.

Eg: If i purchase a domain ‘’. When people visit this address, the dashboard has to open with the Filters, etc on top.

Is this possible.? If yes, please guide me :slight_smile:

Hi @siiddd
You can embed your dashboard, or individual visuals in your application. You can choose whether you allow anonymous access (i.e. it is open to anyone who visits your website and you don’t necessarily control who the users are), or you can choose user-based, where you might want to manage users. Both options are covered in our Workshops which you can find here for anonymous and here for user-based. What would be your use case for allowing people to see your dashboard?

Hi @Steph, I want to make it accessible to the public.

OK, then please check out the anonymous embedding workshop I suggested above. The overview of how this works can be found in our docs.