How to round Totals and Subtotals of a Pivot table

Dear community,

I am trying to apply conditional formatting on pivot table’s columns based on a pre-defined (sales) target value. I have created a new calculated field to round Sales values up to two decimals. The condition is getting applied on single values, but not for Totals and Subtotals as shown on screenshots.

On the example below, I would like to round the Total sales value for the Food category from 99.778 to 99.78, so that the cell will get green colored. Do you have any suggestions, how to implement such a formatting?

Additional screenshots:

Hello Nasa,

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could you follow the old post here below ? May be this is similar to your case pertaining to formatting

Let us know if it helps.

Thank you Deep. The post helped me to solve the issue. I have reduced the sales target by -0.005. Now, values like 99.778 get colored in green.

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