How to show [blank] when field value is null and empty?

One of the column in data set has null values.
When I show it in pivot or table visual it shows either ‘null’ or ‘empty’.

  1. What is difference between display ‘null’ and ‘empty’? Why the visual displays mix of both, even if the value field GroupCode = null?

  2. Is it possible to display blank cell in pivot and table visual instead of text ‘null’ or ‘empty’?

  1. null is a value that is null. empty is a value that is ‘’. Are you saying all of your GroupCode’s are null?

  2. Yes, you can go to more formatting options and change null values to Show custom and in the text add a space. This is only for null values so you’ll need to change your empty values to nulls. Here is how you can do that.

GroupCodeNulls = ifelse({GroupCode}=‘’,null,{GroupCode})

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Hi Max, Thanks for formatting tip.

Regarding null versus empty, GroupCode column as either a one word char string or null. There is no ‘’.

Hmm, empty shows up when there is an empty string.

Can you show me an example where you are getting empty instead of what you are expecting to see?

Hi Max,
Beiow attached is the snapshot of the table column from my Quicksight analysis.

Those blank values are spaces " "

NULL => null
‘’ => empty
" " =>