How to use Multiple Values Parameter in Calculated Field and Controls

Hey guys,

I am creating an Analysis with the Multiple-Value Parameters.

I have 2 questions when I am using it.

Q1. Is there anyway I can use multiple values parameter in calculated field? It shows “Multiple values parameters are not usable in calculated field”.

Q2. How to create other controls with dynamic name using the values selected from this Multiple Values Parameter.

for example, I create 1 multiple-value parameter Field, and 5 single-value parameter

Parameters: product, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5

There are 3 values in Parameter “product”: “bike”, “phone”, “pen”

Controls: Product, <<$product.value1>> (I want it show “bike”), <<$product.value2>> (want it show “phone”), <<$product.value3>> (want it show “pen”)

And the p4 and p5 just left blank because there is no 4th and 5th value in “product”.

Is it possible to achieve that?


A poor DA

Hi @Ce_Wu , for Q1 we currently don’t support multi-value parameter used in calculated field, can you talk about what you want out of it? there maybe some workaround we can think about for you.
For Q2, what is the relationship between P1-P5 to “bike”, “phone”, “pen”? if you have something like:

P1  bike
P2  phone
P3  pen

Then you can create cascading control (Show relevant values only) between the two columns, when you select P1 from first control, only bike will show in the second control.
Is that what you want?

Hey @emilyzhu,

Thanks for your reply.

Here is an example of the usage of multiple values parameter. We are creating a report to show some analysis of each product from different categories. Here is the relationship,

Category Product
phone iphone
phone s3
laptop macbook
laptop microsoft
laptop lenovo

After I created the cascading multiple-values controls of Category and Product, I want to build some product promotion controls which we can provide the promotion values of it. Using the promotion values we are able to calculate some analysis metrics.

I want it more dynamic. For example, if I select “phone” in Category then select only “iphone” in Product. Then the first promotion control’s name shows “iphone” and I can input some number in the text box. But if I select “phone” → “iphone” and “S3”. I want get 2 promotion controls with related name “iphone” and “S3”.

Currently, when I use Multiple-Values parameter as the dynamic name <<$Product>> of the promotion control, if I select only 1 element, it is good. But if I select both, the name shows like “iphone, S3”.

I am wondering is there any syntax that I can use in the dynamic name as <<$Product.value1>> of the 1st promotion control and <<$Product.value2>> of the 2nd promotion control, etc. If I do not select the 3rd product, there is not a 3rd promotion control or the name of the 3rd promotion control shows “N/A”?


Ce Wu

Hi @Ce_Wu,

The described behavior can currently only be achieved when your dashboard is used in an embedded context. In that case, you can listen to changes of your “Category” parameter from within your parent application using the parametersChangeCallbackfunction of the QuickSight Embedding SDK. The parent application can then use the values to set another set of parameters (e.g., name_p1,name_p2,name_p3, etc.) which is then used to name the controls within the dashboard with the format <<$name_p1>> etc.

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