I am trying to export a table to Excel, but is only exporting 10,000 lines with 2.9 MB

Is there any way to export more than 10,000 lines to Excel? I though the limit was only by size (Exporting data from visuals - Amazon QuickSight), but mine stops at 2.9MB.
I know I can export it to CSV and then convert it to Excel, but, is there any way to export more lines directly to Excel?


The limits to export from the visual itself are, for CSV the limit is 1m rows or 500MB


and for Excel, the limit depends on the number of fields you have selected on your dataset. The maximum is 100k rows but when you start adding more columns the number of rows exported decreases.


One option to have a 1m rows Excel of a visual is to schedule the report, do not send it on the email since that will have a maximum size of 10MB, but send it only as link via email, the user will be able to access it from the recent snapshots.


Hope this helps!

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