Image not displaying in Paginated Report PDF

Hey everyone,
I want to add an image in my Quicksight Paginated Report PDF which is basically a logo of my team. I am able to do that successfully in the analysis sheet. But when I generate the PDF for the same, it doesn’t show up.
Can someone please help me with the same?

When using custom visual content please ensure:

  • The image has a https URL scheme
  • Ability to be accessed publicly i.e. not require login, VPN etc
  • And does not use hotlink protection

An image maybe visible in Analysis because you have access to the image location, but not show up in the PDF as it is generated asynchronously.

Hope that helps.

I tried uploading image on Google Drive and Dropbox and none worked. Any other approach which I can try?

As Rahul stated, images need to be stored on a public site.
One approach is to use S3, but note that you would have to make the bucket’s contents publicly viewable to the internet.

Here’s an example thread: Import images into QuickSight

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