Impact of failed spice dataset refresh on Dashboard

Hi All,

I have a dataset that is reading data from a Database (PostgreSQL)
I am using Spice
This is set to refresh once every hour.

On occasions, when the refresh fails ( query timeout, source DB not reachable etc… ) , I have a invalid dataset .
All the bashboards are broken and the users are affected.

Is there any way in which I can make this seamless?
As in something like an AB switch , where in the dashboard switches to the new dataset only after the refresh is successful, else the users continue to see/use the previous successfully refreshed dataset .


You can use the describe ingestion to see if it is successful.

However, I don’t know if you can do this with like versioning of the dataset.

If you have an embedded application, there could be more logic to this and might work.

I think it might look like this. You have two dashboards using two different datasets. The first one tries the ingestion and checks the first dataset. If it works then continue to use the first dashboard. If it doesn’t work use the second dataset.

Then on the next hour, check the status again. If it works then display the first dashboard and update the second dataset. Else use the second dataset.

Something like that might work. I don’t think it will work via the QuickSight console.

Some more commands to look into.

Failed dataset refreshes shouldn’t break your dashboards though. I would expect your dashboards to show you the data from your previous successful refresh…

Thank Max for the response.
I will check the links you provided.

But I would be surprised to think that I am the first one facing this problem.
Wouldn’t all the users be experiencing the same behaviour.

The 2 dashboard idea is defnitely worth exploring.
I will try.

Appreciate your response and time.


No, it doesn’t .
The visualizations fail if the underlying spice dataset refresh fails.
I am not sure if I am missing any settings .

You sure these visuals are coming from the SPICE dataset?