Increase in size of tags passed to generate_embed_url_for_anonymous_user

Currently there is a limit of 256 characters to the tag values pass to generate_embed_url_for_anonymous_user. Would it be possible to increase this?
We use it to pass object_ids for RLS.

Hello @eweb, welcome to the QuickSight Community!

Is there a possible work-around that would allow you to accomplish this without passing the object_id directly? Or possibly some way you could identify objects with fewer characters?

I can tag this topic as a feature request for our Support team, but if this is a necessary feature of your dashboard functionality, I think it would be best if we can find a work-around that can manage tag-based permissions to your current expectations. Maybe with a little more information I can guide you further. Thank you for your feedback!

here is a solution I proposed for another customer : RLS by pass the limit of 256 per tags

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