Is it possible to make a filter, that only has some of the values that lies within that category?

I am creating a filter from a column that has a range of values. For this specific visual, it is only the values selected that are of interest and so i would like a filter that only shows those values.

I have tried to edit the filter and type in those values under “specific values”, but then when “select all” is selected in the filter it will show it in relation to all the possible values within that column.


Hi @kkpmany

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Still not sure how to build it. Could you explain in more detail what the steps are?

Hi @kkpmany

What part are you stuck on?

right now i can make a visual that i can use to filter like i want, but i dont want to add another visual to do the filtering. I just want a filter in the controls panel, which is able to show just the selected values shown the image attached to my post.