Is it possible to track user 'Export to Excel/CSV' activity?


We have a Web application with embedded Quick Sight dashboard, and our users can download the dashboard by using ‘Export to Excel’ or ‘Export to CSV’.

Is it possible to track the activity of exporting, such as how many & when in Quick Sight? Does Quick Sight publish dashboard user metric to somewhere, like CloudWatch?


Hi Alex-
It is currently not possible to track the Export to CSV/Excel.

We do have an open Product Feature Request for tracking export CSV/Excel.
Please reach out to your AWS Technical Account Manager / Solution Architect to add a customer influence to this PFR.

If you don’t have an assigned AWS rep, mail me your organization name and I will add it to the PFR.

Kellie Burton


Exporting of CSV and Excel can be somewhat tracked if CloudTrail is enable. Events QueryDatabase will sometimes contain a “queryIntent” attribute. The value of this attribute will be “EXPORT_TO_CSV” and “EXPORT_TO_EXCEL” in the case of exports.

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    I want to send this event to Google Analytics.