Is there a way I can remove Value Names in a Pivot Table?

I am trying to recreate a Tableau report where I place weeks next to months, etc… I am transposing the table to keep the time periods on the columns and then making the calculations as rows. I want to manually place visuals next to each other for different time granularities, so I only need the value names of the weeks column. When computing the months, I want to hide them, but seems like there is no way… Is there a way to do this?

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are you using Pivot table? can you see the “Hide” option if you click on Field wells?

No because it’s transposed and I am not using any Rows. In your example, would be basically removing the “Sales” field

did you try using free-form layout? and put the table on left hand side on top of the table on right hand side?

If this is about removing the Sales field, then you can hide the single metric field using Pivot Options. Note that you can only hide the field if you are using Single Metric in the Values field well. If you have multiple metrics and using free form layout, which I am guess from your screen shot then you can simple overlay the first visual over the other. And that should give you single visual feel.

Correct, like this:

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Hey Jesse!

Yeah that is the workaround I have found… but in my opinion that is not as clean visually and you can’t adjust the left margin… plus, it becomes messier to work on visuals that are overlapped, don’t you think?
It would be great if you could add that option to the list of simple improvements, would make my life easier because I am building complex tables with different time granularities and would help the cleanliness of the dashboard.


BTW do you have a SIM or any kind of feedback system to make formal requests for adding new functionalities?