Is there a way to create controls that filter other controls?


I have an analysis where I want to add controls to the top for the end user to filter the data. The controls are going to be: Quarter, Year, Month, Week, Day, Team, Manager and User.

The request I got was to make these controls interactive with each other, meaning that when the dashboard user selects one manager in the dropdown, the next thing that happens is the ‘User’ control displays only the users under the selected manager.

The same should go for the time controls: for example, if the user selects Month 01 (equivalent for January), the week control should display only the correspondent weeks to that month ( W1, W2, W3, W4) and NOT the whole list of week numbers in the dataset as it does by default.

Is this possible? I could not find anything that could help me achieve this.

Thank you in advance!

Leaving my own answer here in case it might help anyone in the future.

The workaround for this is to create normal filters from the left panel applied to all visuals. Then, selecting the pen tool for each of those filtering controls, you go to ‘Control options’ , then to ‘Show relevant values only’ and check all the other filters that you want the current filter to interact to. Then, you do the same for each filter to create interactivity between all those controls.