Issue with mapped parameter

Hi all,

i’m facing some challenge with “mapped parameters”.

I have a dataset that contains a EN and DE column as well as a calculated field DESC = ifelse(${pLanguage}="DE",DE,EN). It also contains a parameter pLanguage.

With in the analyis I have a second paramater pLanguage that is linked to that one in the dataset.
In the analysis I created a parameter control (Dim1) and (to check) a table using the DESC from the dataset.

When I change the language from EN to DE the DESC in the table is changing (from EN to DE) as expected. But the values within Dim1 control keep the same.

Any ideas?


Hello @ErikG, for the Dim1 control select the 3 dots and click “Edit”. Once in the Format Control menu, open the dropdown for “Control options”. There you can click the button for “Show Relevant Values Only”. Now check the box for the Language dropdown. Now, when you change the language dropdown field, it should show correct options in the Dropdown for Dim1.

Two things to note:

  • If your Dim 1 control and Language control are not linked to the same dataset, then this functionality will not work. You should build out a dataset that all of your controls can be linked to so the relevant values functionality can be enabled.
  • Even with this is set up correctly, there is still an issue that could occur. If there is an option selected in Dim 1 and you change the Language control from “EN” to “DE”, the selected option in Dim 1 will not change. This functionality works best when the child control, in this instance Dim 1, is set to “Select All” when the parent control, Language, is updated. The only workaround I have found for this issue so far is when handling parameters through an embedded dashboard. Then you could send All back to the Dim 1 parameter anytime the Language parameter updates.

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions just let me know!

Thanks @DylanM but it didnt work anyway. Because when i do so i have to select one of the columns. I think for your solution i need to transpose the DE and EN values in one single column and the heade in another.
DESC | Language
Company ID | EN
Firmen ID | DE
When i select DE i can show then the relevant values of column DESC.

Hi @ErikG,

The behavior that you are seeing comes from the fact that the values in the controls are cached. You already pointed out one possible solution to make it work. Another option would be to add the calculated field DESC at the analysis level, as this will calculate and update the values within the control on the fly.

Hope this helps!

Thx @Thomas ,
i already tried you second solution. but i wasnt able to use the desc on analysis level in the control.
field list:
control dataset fields:

@ErikG Please try the following: Add a filter on desc2 and then chose the “Pin to top” option on the filter to get it added as a control.

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@Thomas thx. work so far. now i can go to the next steps. :wink:

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i did some work.

Language (left) and Title (middle) are both parameter. The Titel (m) parameter should effect the title of the control (right).

Language (l) has a dynamic default ant title is cascading on Language (l). So far so good. But as soon as i change the Language (l) the selected value of Title (m) remains.

I have to select the right element within Titel (m) to update the title in the control (r).

Any ideas?