Issues with QuickSight using Athena v3 and Iceberg timestamp columns

I have an Iceberg Table with a column defined as of timestamp type.
I’m experimenting with Athena v3 Datasources in QuickSight.

Creating a Dataset from the Athena v3 Datasource, using a custom SQL to retrieve all columns, it works if the dataset is leaved in Direct Mode, and I’m able to build an analysis from that data, using the timestamp column as well.

But, If I choose to change the Dataset to SPICE, then all rows are skipped due to a MALFORMED_DATE error for the timestamp column.
In the Athena query editor I’m able to query the Iceberg table without issues and I can see that the column shows timestamps as 2023-01-23 12:20:00.000000 UTC.

The same steps as above, using the same Iceberg table, and SPICE, but using Athena v2 works without any issue.

Any suggestion?
Thank you.

UPDATE: in my Athena v3 based dataset, if I edit the query to exclude the timestamp column and to include a new one as CAST(CAST(myTimestamp as varchar) as timestamp) as convTimestamp it works, the data is correctly ingested to SPICE and I can build my analysis. Not the ideal way…

That’s interesting it works on v2 but not v3.

You can look into this for further reading.

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cc @yubozhao for help. Is that a known limitation for Athena V3?

Hi @Antonio_Pintus, do you mind share the datasetID and region? We would like to dig deeper into the problem. You can message me directly if you don’t want to share in the post. Thanks!


We will need the dataset ID to look into this issue.

Hello, I have the same problem using athena v3 and quicksight with SPICE. Is there any news about this issue? thank you

are there any news about this topic? I can confirm that the issue with Iceberg timestamps is raised in QuickSight only using an Athena v3 and SPICE dataset, Athena v3 in Direct Query mode is ok, and Athena v2 both in Direct Query mode and SPICE are ok.
@emilyzhu, did you received the datasetID and region I’ve sent in a direct message?
Many thanks again!
Have a nice day.

This issue is still present. Do you know if and when this will be resolved?