KPI visual for same day of week this week to last week?

I tried creating a KPI visual comparing a ‘metric’ field to a calculated field as follows:

periodOverPeriodLastValue(sum({metric}),{date}, DAY, 7)

I put ‘metric’ in the Value field and the calculated field in the ‘Target Value’ field, but get the following source error code: VISUAL_CALC_REFERENCE_MISSING

How can I successfully create a KPI visual making this comparison?

Hi @Ben_Berliner

The fields used in a calculated field is expected to be used in a visual’s field well as well. In this case, KPI accepts only Value, Trend Group or Value, Target Value.

Are you looking to compare sum of current week vs sum of previous week? For the latest week available int he data set? Would a Table/Pivot Table visual comparison work instead?


Hi @rajjaya! Thanks for your reply. Yes, I need it in a KPI visual so that I have the ability set create dashboard alerts so unfortunately no, a Table/Pivot table will not resolve this for me.

Unfortunately this won’t work because you need to add the date into the KPI as well.

I’ll mark this as a feature request though, because we’ve tried something similar with a KPI.