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Hello, I want to add a small visual where it says the last update with time of the data set. I have tried the now() function, but I get only the update the dashboard not the dataset

If you’re querying another data source (eg SQL) you could include a column with eg. “now()” in your query and display that.

I dont understant! Could do you explain more?

@Raulsc - Can you please provide some sample input and expected output so that we can analyze and explore the solution.

Regards -San

I would like to add in the report the information of the last update of the data set, and I do not know how to do it,

@Raulsc - Thanks, is your data set is refreshed by SPICE or direct query. If it is direct query, do we have any timestamp as a column in the table. Then it is easy to put that column in your report and put max value.

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Its spice! How i could put this information in mi dashboard?

@Raulsc - Can you please have a look at the below link-

The same issue is raised in past.

Regards - San

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