Linking between sheets with filters

Hi Team,

I have 2 sheets in my analysis. I want to have a functionality where if user clicks on a row in a table in sheet1 then users should be redirected to sheet 2 with some field value(from table row) as filters.

Is this possible with quick sight?

@Deepti you can do that with the action

Bunch of videos on youtube as well

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Hi @nshah-quicksight , can I have conditional navigation also?
Example, if column id =1, then navigate to sheet 1, otherwise navigate to sheet 2.

@Deepti now you going way too specific. You have to experiment yourself…
Hint : check if the action URL includes sheet #id, if does, you can create a calculated field and use that as a dynamic parameter.

Let us know what you find during your practice.

Best of Luck

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