Navigation between sheets based on condition

Hi, can we have conditional navigation?
Example, if column id =1, then navigate to sheet 1, otherwise navigate to sheet 2.

@Deepti - As per my knowledge, this is currently not possible to conditionally navigate to different sheets from one single navigation action. However, if you can explain your use case in a bit more details (with example dataset/visual), then it would be helpful to understand what you are trying to achieve so that some alternatives can be thought of.

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Thank you!

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@sagmukhe Our use case is:

  1. There are 3 sheets(Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3) in analysis. Sheet1 is for summary and has just one table. Sheet2 & Sheet3 are for details.
  2. The table in Sheet1 has a column IsValid(true/false).
  3. We want user to drill down to particular row and navigate user to details sheets. Now, if the IsValid value is true, then we want to redirect user to sheet2, otherwise sheet3.

Is this possible with Quick sight?

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Hello @Deepti !

I’m not 100% sure this possible because of the if/then function that the navigation action would need to complete to make this work. Are the user detail rows duplicated across the two sheets regardless of if the IsValid is true or false?


Sheet1 has all the data whether IsValid is true or false.
Sheet2 has all the details for IsValid = true
Sheet3 has all the details for IsValid = false

I hope this clarifies the query.


It’s not quite that you’re looking for but you can add a navigation action to Sheet1 that takes you to Sheet2 and filters it by IsValid = true or IsValid = false based on what you click or select in Sheet1. There is no Sheet3 in this workaround.

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Hello @Deepti !

To add on to @David_Wong’s thoughts, if you are willing to break up the table on sheet 1 into two tables, you could try using parameters each for table that are set up for “True” and “False” IsValid fields. This way you could create navigation actions based on those going to two separate tables and be tagged to a “Username” parameter to apply drill down to specific users.

I’m going to mark this as a feature request as well.