Maintain/use old dash URL for a new dash

I created a new dashboard, meant to replace an existing one. The new dashboard has a different URL and permissions than the old one. The old dash has been deleted.
What are the possible ways I have to redirect all the users from the old dashboard to the new one, assuming I still have the old link address but it doesn’t lead to anything now?
Any way I can edit the new dash’s URL to match the old one? use the old URL to create a dash somehow?


I don’t believe there is a way to do this.

I can mark it as a feature request.


thank you, that would be greatly appreciated

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Hi @avital

You can’t do this through the UI, but the UpdateDashboard API might help. Check out rajjaya’s response in this post Overwrite current dashboard URL with new analysis . Does that solve your question?

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Thanks @Steph , I’ll give it a shot (though a UI solution would be greatly appreciated)

Understood, we’ll mark the UI solution as a feature request, and I’ll mark my answer as solution for a programmatic way to achieve what you need for now.

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thank you, appreciate your help