MAX tts in title

Hi, I want to display max time as to when data is ingest to DB to subtitle.

1st, I made the custom field for MAX (tts) on a field that has a timestamp in. Then I changed this to String and made parameter and attach it to the subtitle. Just instead of displaying MAX timestamp, it displays “ALL”. If I attach this field to the pivot table, it shows Date correctly!

Any advise how to solve this please?

Thank you!

You need to make a dataset with users and maxTTS. This will link all users logged in to that maxTTS. For more information you can check out this.

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H @Max , my goal is to display last date when data was inserted to SPICE. So in case that incremental refresh fails, people can see that there isnt updated data in DB.

With maxTTS this is easily done, just can’t be displayed in the Title or Subtitle of the page which is my goal.

Yep you need to make a dynamic parameter to reflect the maxTTS

Hi @matjazz This article should help show how to display parameters in titles.


@bergqdou Yes, I did that already and I understand how parameters work. My issue here is that when I try to display the MAX value of one column it is displayed ok on all charts. Just at title displayed with parameters instead of value it says “All” as seen in the 1st picture, so it doesnt display value as is displayed in charts.

Hi @matjazz Sorry for the confusion. The reason it says ‘All’ is because it’s technically not filtered, even though in your case, all the values should be the same. You would need to control the parameter by a control (don’t think this is possible in your case since it’s self referencing), or a dynamic default for that parameter using a separate dataset. Please refer to Max’s answer above.