Measures from different datasets in one visual table

Hi experts,
Is there a way i can display two datasets measure in one table visual.

Hello Syed,

You may achieve that by joining two data set as mentioned in the post similar .
Please refer One visual and measures of two datasets

Hope this helps to get some insight.

Hi @syed_imran
couldn’t you join the two datasets?
If not how you want to display different things in one table?

I have multiple datasets actually.
And tables are at different level of granularity.


and so on.
I just dont want to join them all as it may be huge and afraid of performance issues.
I wanted to go by mapping but still show case the value in single table visual.
if we cannot then probably i will have to go by joining them.

Hi @Deep
I have all the dimension tables and no fact table but yes this will really help.will go through it.