Meet the Top 10 QuickSight Experts of 2023 from the Amazon QuickSight Community!

We are thrilled to introduce the Top 10 QuickSight Experts on the Amazon QuickSight Community for 2023! This worldwide group of esteemed business intelligence (BI) experts has shared their incredible expertise in data visualization in order to propel others forward on their BI and generative BI learning journey. They dedicate their time to help others, providing in-depth technical knowledge, best practices, and vetted solutions to Amazon QuickSight questions. They welcome QuickSight newcomers, and they inspire and motivate growing BI enthusiasts. Each of these experts made their mark on the QuickSight Community in 2023—leading to a year of exponential, global growth!

QuickSight is a cloud-based tool that powers data-driven organizations with unified BI at hyper-scale. With QuickSight, all users can meet varying analytic needs from the same source of truth through modern interactive dashboards, paginated reports, embedded analytics, and natural language queries. Launched in 2022, the QuickSight Community is a one-stop-shop where BI enthusiasts can ask and answer questions, stay up to date, network, and learn together about QuickSight. It’s been an exciting year of learning.

Meet our Top 10 Experts—and connect with them on the QuickSight Community!

Sanjeeb Mohapatra — India

Sanjeeb is the top QuickSight Expert in the Community in 2023—having provided over 1,700 replies and 237 vetted solutions to questions in just 1 year! In addition, he is a recognized AWS Community Builder. Serving as Senior Architect, AWS Data & Analytics for Quantiphi, Sanjeeb is a data lover specializing in implementing data and analytics solutions in the AWS Cloud. His day-to-day passion is to explore different dimensions of the data world, and he has created intuitive dashboards, extracted actionable insights, and optimized data visualizations for multiple large-scale customers. His expert knowledge in advanced QuickSight features, like embedded dashboards and Amazon Q in QuickSight, empowers businesses and helps drive informed decision-making for his customers.

David Wong — Canada

David is a Business Analyst who is passionate about solving complex business challenges and transforming them into strategic software solutions. In his profession, he uses data as a tool to inform decision-making, and in his search for an innovative BI tool, he discovered QuickSight in 2019. With a firm belief that any BI tool is only as strong as the community using it, David has been consistently helping new users on their QuickSight journey by answering their questions in the QuickSight Community. He has tackled some of the most complex questions—providing 236 vetted solutions! He is also recognized as an AWS Community Builder. Check out his Community article Level-Aware Calculations: Tips and Best Practices.

Erik Göllner — Germany

Erik is a data and analytics expert with over 11 years of experience. During this time, he has realized a large number of customer projects across almost all industries. With a broad spectrum of technology knowledge in the database and visualization area, he finds a solution for almost every challenge. After working with other BI tools, he began meeting customer requirements with QuickSight. He uses his experience from other tools and from QuickSight to help those in the QuickSight Community, and has provided over 175 vetted solutions.

Sagnik Mukherjee — India

Sagnik is a Data and Analytics architect focused on the cloud and BI domain, with over 15 years of IT experience. He specializes in data warehousing, dimensional data modeling, modernization of analytics platforms, and enterprise-wide BI tool migrations. Sagnik works at Cognizant and has extensive experience in diverse tools and technologies within the data visualization ecosystem. He has successfully spearheaded numerous data initiatives from inception to production deployment with aplomb. His unwavering passion for learning has earned him numerous certifications across technologies, including three AWS Certifications. As a QuickSight Community member, he loves solving problems and has provided over 165 vetted solutions to a multitude of problems from users around the globe. When he is not deep into technology, you might find him reading a book or watching English Premier League Soccer.

Neelay Shah — United States

Neelay is an invaluable advisor, instrumental in leading diverse teams to success by architecting intricate ETL workflows, integrating diverse datasets, and developing a robust API for streamlined data delivery on AWS. His expertise has extended to conducting profound demographic analyses and empowering targeted outreach for crucial research initiatives. His visionary approach is evident in conceiving and implementing end-to-end analytical solutions using QuickSight, including an AI/LLM-powered reporting tool. Neelay’s architectural recommendations have reduced processing time and cost for the data pipeline, validated through a successful proof of concept utilizing AWS infrastructure. Beyond engineering, his data-driven decision-making and adeptness in crafting reporting tools are instrumental in optimizing processes and fostering scalable solutions across diverse projects.

Thomas Kotzurek — Germany

Thomas Kotzurek is a Data Analyst at platform X in Germany. Through his years of experience in various marketing areas, he has developed a strong understanding of marketing analytics. He has used QuickSight since 2019 and joined the QuickSight Community in February 2022. Since then, he has become a QuickSight Community Leader and Expert. He is also a member of the Amazon QuickSight User Group DACH, hosted by Woodmark Consulting.

Biswajit Dash — India

Biswajit Dash has over 5 years of experience in the data visualization industry. He worked as an analyst at Tata Consultancy Services for 1.5 years, and prior to that, he served as a supply chain analyst at Schneider Electric India Private Limited. During this time period, he used QuickSight and other BI tools. He has expertise building storytelling dashboards using these BI tools and relational databases such as MySQL and SQL Server. As a BI professional, he helps organizations achieve KPI targets and increase monetization.

Naveed Ali — Pakistan

Naveed Ali is the Lead Consultant at with over 15 years of experience. He has participated in the QuickSight Community since its launch and was recognized as a QuickSight Leader in 2022 and a Top Expert in 2023. He is always excited to help people solve their problems through data analysis and ETL (AWS Glue), databases (Amazon RDS for MySQL), data warehouses (Amazon Redshift), and dashboard development (QuickSight). When working on a business case, he is not only dedicated to producing good results for his clients but also helping those in the QuickSight Community. He believes helping others is the greatest success one can achieve.

Darren Demicoli — Malta

Darren leads the DevOps and BI team at The Mill Adventure. Previously, he worked in various roles in technical infrastructure, software development, and database administration. For the past few years, he has been engineering different solutions on AWS for the iGaming sector. At The Mill Adventure, he played a crucial role in building a state-of-the-art BI solution on AWS and in ensuring clients can derive the most valuable insights from their data. Darren has been working with QuickSight for the past 5 years and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and best practices within the QuickSight Community. Read his AWS BI Blog post on data-driven decision making in iGaming.

Shravya Reddy Mutyala — United States

Shravya, a Cloud Engineer with ScaleCapacity, Inc., has swiftly emerged as a new shining star in the QuickSight Community. Joining the Community family in May 2023, she passionately embraced the world of QuickSight, quickly earning a well-deserved badge for her outstanding contributions. Holding a master’s degree in Data Science and 6 years of experience in the IT industry, Shravya brings a wealth of knowledge to her role at ScaleCapacity. As a testament to her commitment to continuous learning and professional development, Shravya is recognized as an AWS Solutions Architect Associate, a certified Data Engineering Specialist, and a Machine Learning Specialist. Her passion for helping others shines through as she actively seeks to mentor and guide individuals embarking on their cloud adventure.

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