minOver with Datetime


I am trying to get the min date with the accurate time stamp, but every time I use the minOver formula it returns 12:00 am. The dataset itself contains actual time but it does not reflect it accurately.
Is the minOver formula able to calculate that level of granularity?

has_moved_to_pick_your_interview: ifelse({pba_bucket_name} = ‘Pick your Interview’,1,0)

get_date_moved_pick_your_interview: ifelse({has_moved_to_pick_your_interview}=1, {entered_at}, NULL)

get_min_moved_pick_your_interview: minOver({get_date_moved_pick_your_interview}, [{p_id}], PRE_AGG)

I found a solution, the results are accurate when the dataset is set to SPICE instead of Direct Query!

That is not a valid solution and it still seems to be an issue, was anyone able to find a solution to this?