minOver with Datetime is returning 12:00:00 for time

Hello, when I use minOver with a datetime, that includes time, seems to be returning 12:00:00 always regardless of a time value being present, and it seems to be related to the following issue, but was not an appropriate fix: minOver with Datetime

minOver({First Login Timestamp}, [{User ID}], PRE_AGG)

It still seems to be an issue when using direct query and wondering if anyone ran into this and found a work around.

Hi @ppuvan
sorry my question but are you sure First Login Timestamp contains the time?
Did you check if QS shows the hours?

Because works for my Redshift DirectQuery dataset it works.


@ErikG thanks for your reply, but it already has the time component and I verified it several times, please see screenshot

Ok. But then it is a database dependent issue. With my Redshift it is working fine. What database do you have?

I see. I am using AWS Aurora MySQL. I have submitted a ticket to AWS.

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