Multi-Dashboard in Single Embed Session Example


I wanted to see if anyone has come across a publicly accessible example of how QuickSight supports the ability to serve multiple dashboards within a single embed session through the passing of additional dashboard ids when requesting the user session.

I recall seeing a live demo of this capability that used a drop down control to toggle the embed container, but can’t seem to remember where I saw it, whether it was a live webpage, or in a webinar.

Any help to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated.


Are you using anonymous embedding or user based embedding?

For anonymous embedding, you must mention the ARNs of the dashboards you want users to access in a single session.

For user based embedding, the user should be able to navigate to Dashboards user has access to.

Navigating to different dashboard
At the (browser) client side, please use navigateToDashboard() of javascript SDK

For our embed scenarios, depending on the instance (demo vs. prod), we would be using both types of embedding.

Thanks, I came across the SDK section recently that mentioned this capability and was hoping to locate a demo that showcased this functionality to socialize with colleagues to see if it is something we wanted to research as a PoC for our embedded dashboard delivery.

Hi Brian
Please see if the below link helps.

It is part of the workshop that can also help you with the PoC


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Fantastic thank you for the quick assist here. This is exactly what I was looking for to share with others on my team. Appreciate it @n_vetri!

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