Multi-section Pivot Table

CONTEXT: I have ~5 separate WoW Pivot Tables in QuickSight - each connected to different Custom SQL Queries - each reporting on different WoW values such as Count(SUM) Count(AVG), Minutes, and other KPIs. These different values are Columns of their respective Data Table visuals.

Question: I have a need to combine them all into a single Visual, which I can likely accomplish with a gnarly UNION chain in a single SQL, but I’m not sure how it’ll translate in the actual visualization. Anyone have experience or reference dashboards for doing this; is it even possible ? The hope would be to have a multi-section datatable:

it should be possible to display them in a pivot table as your actual calculation happens only in your custom SQL, so it shouldn’t affect the numbers on the pivot table. you will have to set aggregate functions in the field wells of pivot table to any function of your choice: MIN, MAX or AVG just for sake of defining an aggregation.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Thank you.

There were two different ways this was accomplished:

  1. The ‘bad’ way: Created pivot tables of each dataset, then used ‘free-form’ visual alignment and transparent borders to nudge them all to overlap each other in order to appear as a single visual

  2. The ‘better’ way: UNION-chained all the datasets, with certain placeholder fields like ‘Active Devices’ and ‘Device Activation’ as they’re own columns with WoW placeholder values that I knew would never be present in the standard data (e.g. -100 for each week). Then, conditionally format all -100 values to fill the cells with Grey, giving the illusion of a multi-section pivot table that originates from a single dataset.

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