I want to display WoW at last by calculating the current field and pervious field

I have the calculation for my WOW metrics by below formula.

Which showing the difference for all the consecutive weeks like below.

But I want to show only WOW for current and pervious at last like in my excel below

Please help me on this to resolve

Hi @hripraa
you could add the KPI in a new pivot table, bring it behind the current pivot and place it that you only see the WoW column.

Hi @ErikG

Sry I’m new to quicksight dashboard could you explain me , what is mean by KPI?

I have clicked the freeform and bring behind the table but i don’t know how to merge that.

If u have any reference video, pls send me. It will be helpful.

KPI = measure

you cant merge it. You need to format it in the way it looks like the tables are actualy one table.