How can i show my metrics in a pivot table along with Week on Week and Month on Month numbers for previous 2 time periods respectively?

I need to make a metrics table where i need to report the metrics and then also show MoM and WoW numbers for previous 2 time periods. I can show them seperately but not together in a single table. Is there a way to do so?

@Data_Science_Girl -
You can create separate calculated fields for each MoM and/or WoW comparison you want to show. You can pass the period value and offset to all of the PoP functions. Here’s a link to an example using PoP % Difference.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I was curious even if its a calculated field (separate for each MoM /WoW comparisons) how can i show them along side my metrics? coz as you know in QS ,each field value will be shown for each column/vertical. Something like showing below

@Data_Science_Girl -
I think the view in QuickSight will be a little different. You can create fields for MoM and WoW but the value of date will have to be at the level of the calculation. You could always do separate table or use KPI visuals if you have flexibility in display.