Multiple value parameters

Hey guys,
I have a quick question: what is the format of entering the values in a multiple value parameters?
Will the values be entered separated by commas, quotes, spaces etc?
I have tried entered the values but my SQL code always errors out when entering multiples and only works when I enter just one value.
Thanks for your help

Hello @David_Ako-Bryant, when you say entering values in a multiple value parameter, are you talking about default values? I just want to make sure, but you should just enter a new line for each value you want to add. I’ll post a screenshot below!

Let me know if this helps!

Hello. That’s exactly how I was entering them but it continued to time out.
Turns out when writing the statement in the query, I needed to include parentheses before choosing the parameter. That worked beautifully.
Hence ().
Thanks a million.

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