Cannot add a parameter in text field if it has multiple values

I have a parameter of String type and it contains multiples values(Linked to a dataset). I want to add that to a text field but I do not get the option to do that.
The parameter is called StoreName.
Please help


Hello @Prajakta , welcome to the QuickSight community!

If you are wanting to use the value returned from the parameter in that Text Box, you will need to add a default value to the Parameter. Once you add that, it should be accepted by your Text field. Let me know if this helps!

Hi Dylan, yes I have set up a default value for the parameter while creating the parameter. But I still cannot use that in a text field. I can use the start and end date parameter but not this.
Any ideas?

Oh, I think the issue is that the parameter accepts multiple values. I believe if you want to use it in the text field it needs to be a single value parameter.

Yes, I guess so too. That’s the problem! Thank you.

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