Control field to have multiple values

On Quicksight do we have a feature that allows you to have text field for multiple values.?

If I understand your question correctly, you are looking for a Text Box Prompt which will allow you to input multiple Text Values that will filter the dataset. If that is the ask, then it is definitely available. This can be done leveraging Parameters. You need to create a multi-value string parameter and then link that parameter to a Filter to allow it to filter the data based on on your input. In the below example, based on the Vendor details input in the prompt, the underlying data table is getting filtered. Hope this helps!


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Thanks @sagmukhe, I will try this and let you know if it works.

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HI @sagmukhe , for some reason it won’t work for me when i type item1 then comman then item2
Screen Shot 2023-01-26 at 7.55.04 PM