Multiples option for Clustered Bar Combo Chart?

I’m looking to create multiple bar + line charts. For example, if I’m plotting Metric 1 as bar and Metric 2 as line for multiple markets AU, BR, CA, NZ - I want them show up as 4 different combo charts (bar + line), one for each market.

The best option I could find right now, is Clustered Bar Combo chart, which lets me split the bars (Metric 1) by market, but not line (Metric 2). Also it does not have “multiples” option.

Hi @uditgt,

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For your use case, you can try multi line chart, that allows an option to add the marketplace field in the field small multiple field.

However for combo chart, there is no option to split into multiple of the same chart. If the requirement is combo chart for separate marketplace and line chart do not meet requirements, you may need to manually configure filters of each marketplace for each of the charts. However this is not scalable and dynamic. With changes in marketplace, you may need to rewire the charts and layout.