Navigation action for one column


I have a column of a field in a visual from datasetX on a Sheet ALPHA, that I would like to filter the contents of the visual from datasetY in another Sheet BETA, which contains the same field.

I have already a couple of navigation actions working, but they work on a sheet that I’ve designated kind of as the navigation action sheet (kind of like a lookup feature), but I would really like to filter, or ‘search’ for the items in DatasetX’s visual in Dataset’s Y visual in another sheet.



Hello @hdezeduardo, you can definitely accomplish this if the values available are the same! Basically you would control both filter with a parameter. When you make a navigation action, you are able to include the function to set that parameter based on the value you selected, then you need to make sure you filter your other field by the same parameter value.

I will mark this as the solution, and link some documentation below. If you have any follow-up questions, please let me know!