Navigation Action Using Embedding Images of Working Dashboard

Hi All,

I currently have a need/idea for customizing an existing dashboard.

NEED: Create new sheet with images/links, that when clicked, navigate to another sheet within the dashboard.
Note: I understand the navigation action to do so within a dashboard. I’ve also read AWS documentation on embedding images.

IDEA: I want to have images which are just screenshots of the others sheets in the working dashboard. I want the screenshot to, when clicked, navigate to that respective tab.

Sheet 1: Page with only screenshots of other tabs
Sheet 2: Content
Sheet 3: Content
Sheet 4: Content

When image of “Sheet 3” is clicked from Sheet 1, the dashboard jumps to Sheet 3. I hope this makes sense. Is this possible?


Hello @jefft, I think the best solution to this would be to take the screenshots of your sheets and then upload them to an S3 bucket. There you should make that bucket public, and use the URL for the images into the “Custom visual content” visual type. Here are some docs regarding the S3 image upload process!

Thank you Dylan! I’ll give this a look and try it out. I’ll keep this post updated with my result.

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Hello @jefft, any updates on your progress? I wanted to check in and see if you worked out a solution!

Hello @jefft, I will go ahead and mark my previous response as a solution! If you have any follow up questions about this topic or a new QuickSight question feel free to post a new topic in the community so you can be back at the top of our priorty listing for a response. Good luck!