URL Actions to a different dashboard in embedded application doesn't work

We are trying to use QuickSight embedded into our existing web application. We want to be able to use click actions to drill into other dashboards from each other. There are a number of issues with getting this to work.

  1. Navigation Actions to different sheets does work, but that is not an acceptable solution. In order to be able to navigate from any dashboard we build to any other dashboard, we would have to create them all as sheets into one dashboard object, which isn’t acceptable.

  2. URL Actions using same window is our first choice, but this doesn’t work because it doesn’t replace our application URL because we are inside of the iFrame. So doing this just causes a blank area in the iFrame.

  3. URL Actions using new tab or new window does show the dashboard correctly. However, we have found that we can’t pass parameters easily in this scenario. The parameters do not make it to the dashboard because this is our own application URL which already has existing parameters on it. So the steps for using a # sign to start the QuickSight parameters in the URL Action doesn’t work.

All this is to say we really hope more support is coming in the near future for URL Actions in embedded scenarios.


Thanks. We will take this under consideration as a feature request