Embed the visual in our application

I can embed the quicksight dashboard and generate the embed URL for the visual but the parameters passed are changes to default. The parameter does not get applied. The same filtering works, with same parameters, when I embed the dashboard instead of a visual.

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you have to pass parameters with an embedded URL (as querystring).
Can you share more details?

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hello @neelay

the parameters being passed are being reset to default can be found from below details.

  "eventTarget": {
    "experienceType": "VISUAL",
    "discriminator": 0,
    "contextId": "123",
    "dashboardId": "xyz",
    "sheetId": "abc",
    "visualId": "pqr"
  "eventName": "PARAMETERS_CHANGED",
  "message": {
    "changedParameters": [
        "Name": "XYZ",
        "Values": [
  "timestamp": 1381436436432,
  "eventId": "AAAA"

Following are the parameters we PASS while loading the visual into application web page using amazon-quicksight-embedding-sdk

  "url": "EMBED_URL",
  "container": "contid",
  "height": "100px",
  "width": "100%",
  "onChange": "",
  "resizeHeightOnSizeChangedEvent": false
`Content Options:
  "toolbarOptions": {
    "export": false,
    "undoRedo": false,
    "reset": false
  "sheetOptions": {
    "initialSheetId": "SHEET_ID",
    "singleSheet": true,
    "emitSizeChangedEventOnSheetChange": false,
    "sheetId": "SHEET_ID"
  "attributionOptions": {
    "overlayContent": false
  "parameters": [
      "Name": "XYZ",
      "Values": [
        "ABC,AUS - POP,MEL"

@ajio what’s important is not how you call the function, it’s important what is it returning.
As far as I know, I think you can embed QS Dashboard URL within IFrame only.

Check what’s the URL for the iframe, and make sure it has the expected parameter in the query string.
So if you want to use the value from the embedded URL, make sure you have parameter xyz in QS and &xyz={value} in the URL. If the value is not part of the predefined list, QS will show the default value.

If the value has space or special char, make sure you are encoding correctly.

We don’t use their SDK, we just use AWS API to get an anonymous embedded URL, and then add parameters manually to the URL in the code.

hi @ajio,

we have not heard back from you. Did nshah-quicksight’s solution work for you?

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