Navigation Actions and Parameters

Hi Community,

I am working with navigation actions and parameters to take my report users to a new report page presenting a more granular/tabular view of the data in the chart they selected on the report home page. When navigating back to the home page, the parameter values are sticking and filtering the home page views down to the data selected upon navigation. I want to be able to come back to the home page with no filters being applied.

In the above image, i have my date parameters set to pass through the navigation action and this performs correctly. The other box is the other parameter i am applying to the detail report, so this should already be filtered upon navigation. When i come back to the home page, Completed Rides is no longer selected and the view is blank. Is there a workaround? Thank you in advance for any advice on this!

@Eli, is completed rides a filter or parameter based filter? When you navigate from one sheet to another sheet, parameters values are persisted across sheets but not the filter values. so two things may be happening when you are returning on the home sheet 1/ completed rides is not a parameter based filter so value is reset to all 2/ if there actions/clicks on the destination sheet that may be resetting the completed rides to all values. I would suggest to check what parameters are in play during this navigation action and how values are being set/reset for those parameters (on destination sheet) when navigating back to home sheet.

Let know if this helps to resolve your issue.


Hi DeepakS,

Thanks for the response! Completed rides is a parameter based filter. So, in my screenshot, the Ride status radio buttons, control the values that are shown in my chart by communicating with the calculated field i have in my Value field well.

When trying to add the ride status parameter (radio button) to my parameter based action, there is not a value available to assign to it. So when navigating to the next page, i am not getting the right values (my dates are fine), then navigating back, i still get the blank view because non of the radio buttons for ride status are selected anymore.

Not sure what i am doing incorrectly. I hope my explanation makes sense!

Screenshot of my calculated field incase this helps with understanding my confusion a little better :grinning: :sweat_smile:

Thank you again for any advice and help!

hi @Eli, for a column to be available as value to be passed during navigation action, it needs to be part of the visual from which navigation action is initiated. Since the control ride status column is not used for charting, it is not available to be passed as parameter value.

can you add the ride status parameter to the color field wells of the chart visual, once a user selects the ride status value, chart will show only that ride status and now the ride status value should be available for passing as parameter for navigation action.

Let me know if this helps to resolve.

Hi DeepakS,

The parameter cannot be added to a field well can it? Right now in my value field well, i have the below calculated field that functions with my on view parameter selection.

When i add this value as part of the action, i always get “no data”. Is there a way to add the parameter value to the grouping field well?


@Eli, sorry I meant to say that you can add the ride status column to the color field well, and then while defining navigation action, you can use the ride status parameter and map its value to ride status column.