Navigation Action From Pivot Table

I have a pivot table on Tab A with columns “metric_name”,“metric_name_calc”, and “metric_value”. I want to set up a navigation action on the pivot table which takes users to Tab B, passing “metric_name” to a parameter. However, I do not want to show “metric_name” on the pivot table, I only want to show “metric_name_calc”. But I have to pass “metric_name” to the parameter for filters to works correctly on Tab B. Is there any way to achieve this? Hiding of pivot table columns is not a feature yet. I also looked into field mapping with another dataset, but it does not seem to help for the Navigation actions.

I was able to resolve this issue by updating the filter condition on Tab B to be an “OR” condition accepting “metric_name” and “metric_name_calc” values

Hi was there only 1 column - 1 sheet navigation that you were looking for? I have a usecase where my pivot table has 7 columns and I want user to navigate to different sheets based on which column s/he is selecting the value in.